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Encouraging Interactions

"Palms residents Raghu and Ashley Turner started Los Angeles Fun Events to help people to form friendships while also lending much-needed support to small businesses in the community."

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Meet Ashley Turner | Social Event Planner & Creator of Fun

"Showing up, I’ve realized, is the hardest part– when you show up, you are opening yourself up to new friendships, relationships, adventures — not only do you learn more about the city and people around you, but you also learn more about yourself."

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Los Angeles Fun Events Encourages Connectivity in the Wake of the Pandemic

"When Ashley Turner decided to go on a group hike organized on the social media platform Meetup, she wasn’t expecting to meet the love of her life. One year after that “magical” day, husband-wife duo Ashley and Raghu Turner created Los Angeles Fun Events to help others meet and connect with one another."

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